Digital Mobile Performance Marketing – optimising & driving performance of the entire lifecycle of the user journey, from download to retention. Maximising ROI & monetisation.

By 2020, Progressive Web Apps will have replaced 50% of general purpose consumer facing mobile apps.

Over half a billion mobile subscribers in Africa by 2020 [Hi-Tech]

Google announced in late 2016 that it would begin indexing websites based on their mobile sites and not their desk top sites.

About Us & Why Us

Time spent in apps dominates mobile usage, but 25% of all apps are used just once before being discarded. Few and far between inspire loyal use. Progressive Web Apps will Reign as they’re an emerging technology and experts are considering it to be the next big thing for mobile.

We’ve found a gap to provide a synchronised marketing efforts from acquisition through to retention. We’ve had many years on both sides of the fence and found a gap that promises to maximise acquisition efforts through to retention efforts. Understanding that the investment comes from current revenue streams, or  there needs to be some investment to start with to monetise the business to then provide return.

We’ve had experience working with many client verticals through various ad agencies and working for large corporates. We understand what clients needs are from the inside out and we know what it takes to create a dynamic agency employing specialist technical people. We are merging the service delivery to give growing Mobile clients the edge of having a mobile service agency together with a marketing department. We know how all components of an advertising strategy needs to work with an overall marketing strategy.

We’ve all about performance, optimisation and learning, doing things better and better. Our ultimate goal is to have really long lasting relationships with our clients and we’ll only get that right if we provide ongoing measurable value.

We work in a transparent fashion with real time reports and actual integrations to the platforms we use. It’s all about creating value, as simple as that!